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  • Research from i4cp has long shown the benefits of talent mobility for talent development, retention, and overall business performance. But the recent i4cp Accelerating Workforce Readiness study found that:

    • 39% of survey participants said that for most employees it is easier to find a job externally than internally in their organizations
    • 43% indicated that managers at their organizations often hoard high-performing talent rather than encourage internal movement
    • Only 12% indicated that their organizations recognize / reward managers for talent movement

    Further, when asked what source of skills and capabilities presented the greatest opportunity to your organization in the next 1-3 years, far more indicated internal talent marketplaces than any other source (e.g., gig workers/freelancers, internships/co-ops, outsourcing, apprenticeships, etc.). But very few organizations have successfully implemented such internal talent marketplaces because they require a lot of work and prerequisite steps to do well. What are the key best and next practices to consider? Come ready to share and discuss all of these questions and more, as i4cp works to build out a practical how-to guide on this topic.

    Breakout Exercise #2

    Come ready to share and discuss these questions in small groups:

    1. So when it comes to talent mobility and building out internal talent marketplaces, where do you start?
    2. What skills are needed or what do you need to advance your skills given changes in the workforce?
    3. What barriers, if any, exist that prevent you from developing an internal talent marketplace?
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