KPI Workshop for Talent Development Teams
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  • Session Focus: KPI Workshop

    Measuring the impact of people-investments, such as learning and talent development initiatives, is a widespread practice in leading organizations. However, there is still some uncertainty as to HOW to do this measurement.

    You will learn how to use human capital analytics to prove and improve performance impact and how understanding impact can help them guide the organization’s operations. Stacey will walk us through the measurement process and give you tools to take back to your organization to get you started in the process.

    This session will focus on providing insight into:
    1. Develop a foundational plan for defining Key Performance Indicators (KPIs),
    2. Explore the benefits of Leading and Lagging indicators,
    3. Learn strategies to identify leading indicators that impact business results,
    4. Co-create stakeholders strategies in your learning outcome measurement
    5. Avoid the common mistakes or assumptions made in measuring human performance initiatives

    ELE produces this Data-Driven Leader Learning Circle.

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