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Presented on 5/12/2016

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Executive Learning Exchange (ELE)

The Executive Learning ExchangeSM is a consortium of senior Chicagoland, Milwaukee and Midwest learning/talent development leaders committed to promoting next practices that improve evidenced-based business results and professional opportunities among its members.

We hope you can join one of the following upcoming peer-networking events: We continue to add collaboration strength with our community.


As we socialize Reimagine Workplace Learning, it reveals several companies are interested in changing HR’s view where employees and associates take more of a role in their learning. I recently read that Accenture is putting “people at the center, at an individual level, more than ever before” using digitally-enabled conversations. Others are rediscovering the individual development plan (IDP) including Beverly Kaye sharing in i4cp’s 2017 Talent Predictions:

“There are at least three strategic focus areas that can provide an engagement edge with the massive middle:
career self-management for employees, complementary career coaching for managers, and pushing mentoring methodology out wider and deeper”.

Earlier this month we reflected a common/solution option that our programs were too costly and required too much infrastructure to deliver quickly at scale. Is it time that HR should be empowering individual contributors to initiate the development and coaching conversations versus waiting for corporate HR’s annual cycle? As these trends become more common, Kaye’s 2017 strategic focus areas point out the need to provide managers with support tools to increase impact.

When we reimagine performance feedback transition to highly engaged employees taking a more proactive ownership for this decades-old annual cycle, could we expect improved business results? Probably yes—performance happens every day. One of our long-time learning leaders, Jane Shlaes, points out the importance of the “skill/will” factor. Do all employees/managers have the “skill” and/or “will” needed to impact behavior changes? Probably not—pushing mentoring methodologies out wider and deeper might be helpful. Should employee-initiated IDP conversations be limited to coaching only from their direct supervisors? CEOs have advisors and support staff for a reason. Employees need trusted advisors to give them feedback and input too. Employees who complement their IDP with wider, deeper mentoring can increase access to feedback with more alignment with their organization’s purpose.

REIMAGINE WORKPLACE LEARNING If you are not a head of learning, talent management or HR function, we have meet-up opportunities for you to collaborate with our CLO/CTO Group and Strategic Partners.

If you are a CLO/CTO Group member and interested in having your team present, please contact Dirk Tussing for more details.

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Chicagoland & SE-Wisconsin

Active ELE Enterprise Members can use their PREPAID tickets at either our 7th Annual SE-WI Learning & Talent Development Leaders Exchange at GE Healthcare Institute planned for Thursday, May 18, 2017 or for our 16th Annual Chicagoland Learning & Talent Development Leaders Exchange @ Hamburger University planned for October 23, 2017; CLO/CTO Group members can purchase additional conference registrations at a discounted rate for their team to join us.

To help everyone plan for 2017, our upcoming full-day exchanges are scheduled for:

If you are a CLO/CTO Group member and interested in having your team present, please contact Dirk Tussing for more details.

Please note in 2016 we formally closed our vendor membership so we can focus on more robust experiences for heads of learning and talent development. A key part of this shift is to invite five to possibly eight solution industry thought leaders, whom provide forward-thinking talent services, as ELE Strategic Partners to replace our current vendor membership.

Since 2004, the Chicagoland Learning LeadersSM have informally gathered at McDonald’s Hamburger University for an annual one-day exchange of local thought leaders to share best practices. To learn more about the benefits included with becoming a Learning Executive Exchange member, view a one page program summary and read our on-line FAQ’s for more details.

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