The Future of Learning and the Metaverse
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  • Session Focus: What is the metaverse? Let’s explore how it impacts learning.

    The metaverse is a place for transforming work.

    The workplace and how you engage with it is tied to your individual style and experience, and the way you interact and collaborate with others. In addition to an onsite physical space or at your WFH desk, individual work gets done via the in-between spaces: corners, crevices, on a plane, train, or automobile. Virtual platforms offer a chance to extend that sense of place, often surpassing physical limitations and inspiring us in ways that can transform the work itself.

    Out of necessity, you’ve amped up your digital learning and training skills. You entered the space of virtual learning, designing new types of experiences for leadership and employees. Now, Zoom burnout is feeling real, and the word “virtual” sounds way more expansive than “remote.” The term applies to virtual reality, Web3 and more, and you’re primed to learn about these opportunities to advance careers, diversify training courses, spark social engagement, and meet wellbeing needs while building innovation capacity for yourself and others. In the metaverse.

    How will you take advantage of this chance to engage with others in collaborative virtual environments?

    You are invited to a 7-minute insight talk and interview to learn about the metaverse and its impact on learning and sharing. Facilitated by workplace futurist Marti Konstant, the event features virtual experience designer, Stanford professor, and author of “Designing Wonder,” Caitlin Krause. Topics covered:

    • Metaverse fluency
    • VR as a learning collaborative platform
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