Onboarding Strategies: Finding a better way
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  • The present (and future) reality of work requires organizations to rethink traditional ways of onboarding new employees.

    The “what” of orientation likely will stay the same.

    The “how” is a different story. The “how” is more challenging, both in tactics and tools.

    What changes have you had to make to the “how” of your onboarding program?

    next practice is AI-powered technologies allowing us to customize the onboarding process for each individual employee. Making the onboarding process more self-service, allows new hires to obtain only the information they require, without being overwhelmed.

    In this roundtable discussion, let’s explore together:
    1. To what degree have the goals for your onboarding program changed since the declaration of the pandemic?
    2. What challenges have you experienced in adapting Hybrid Work Settings?
    3. What tactic, tool or process have you implemented successfully to improve the employee experience and be more inclusive?
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