Navistar’s Learning 4.0 Strategy: Learn how in Industry 4.0 the FASTEST LEARNERS WIN
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  • Organizations strive to develop a culture of continuous learning by developing coaching strategies and fostering a collaborative working environment. Engaging co-workers, communities of practice, learn by doing, and various microlearning solutions to unlock continuous learning for the digital age. Through a collaborative ecosystem of tech-savvy peer-to-peer and expert assessments, employees actively engage in the mastery of skill development. Learning 4.0 strategies help organizations reinforce skills, facilitate feedback, increase collaboration, and share expertise across teams.

    What we will explore together:

    In this session, Tim Foley will share Navistar’s case study on efforts to build and curate learning teams around an agile process with their Performance Innovation Team.

    ⭐ Using Learning 4.0 strategies for expanding our coaching paradigm from a 1-on-1 activity a Coachee receives from a Coach.

    ⭐ Integrating coaching strategies with technology-based platforms able to scale a culture of continuous learning and feedback.

    ⭐ Tapping a rich body of knowledge workers’ peer coaching + feedback to help management scale knowledge retention & skill-building.

    ⭐ Establishing meaningful social learning connections and training strategies at scale.

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