Moments of Truth: The Future of Learning and AI
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  • Session Focus: Filling the Gaps in Your Workforce with Techno-Human Innovation and AI

    The context for the future is written about in books and recorded in Hollywood films and series. You might remember or have seen references to 2001: A Space Odyssey, a movie collaboration between futurist Arthur C. Clarke and filmmaker Stanley Kubrick. The year was 1968. HAL 9000, the robot in the film develops feelings and starts to override human commands in an attempt to take over. The ending of the movie leaves us hanging, except for the astronaut’s ultimate power over the man-made machine.

    Technology and systems have advanced significantly in the fifty years since this provocative film made predictions about robots and artificial intelligence. The film also contributed to the ongoing discussion about technology and humanity. Despite humans co-evolving with technologies for many years, there is a fear that robots will replace people in the workplace.

    The World Economic Forum states there will be 85 million jobs lost to automation in the next 3 years. Yet they will be replaced by 97 million new roles. Many of these roles will include pairing up with technology, where robots, cobots, machines, and people will collaborate to fill the new roles. How will you take advantage of automation and AI in HR and L&D? While maintaining the human side of technology?

    You are invited to a brief insight talk and panel discussion about:

    • Humans and machines working together
    • AI integration with L&D
    • Transparency & ethics of algorithms
    • AI and talent development + DEI
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