Leadership on Purpose: How Agile Leaders Inspire Others
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  • Companies today are looking to develop responsive business strategies to accelerate growth and contend with disruptive change. They need confident, competent, and resilient leaders who can inspire and support their people through good times and bad, keeping them resilient, aligned, and centered on achieving their business objectives.

    What we will Explore Together:

    In this keynote, Mike and Teri will provide the rationale and roadmap, tips, and techniques for developing The Six Attributes of Agile Leaders that you and your leaders will need to attract, inspire, and retain the best talent.

    • ? Personal Integrity – your presence as a leader.
    • ? Learning Agility – your ability and willingness to learn from experience
    • ? Coaching Others – accepting accountability for the development of others.
    • ? Followership – your talent to inspire, build credibility, and earn the trust of others.
    • ? Systems Thinking – your capacity to view the organization from a broader perspective.
    • ? Change Resiliency – your ability to maintain consistent personal integrity and a level of productivity through various situations.
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