Latest i4cp Research | The Great Resignation – Reshuffling – Migration
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  • This study revisits issues i4cp has researched in the past two years, fielding a survey in Q4 of 2021 to examine the complexities of how to best approach new ways of working. These questions reflect the many dilemmas leaders grapple with:

    • Should we require employees to work in the office, and if so, should we mandate a set number of in-office days or hours per week?
    • How do we preserve community and connection among our employees if we’ve transitioned everyone to permanently work remote?
    • How will newer employees experience our culture if they aren’t in the office?
    • How will managers effectively manage if they don’t interact with their team members face-to-face—at least some of the time? How can we ensure that our employees aren’t getting burned out?

    Key findings:

    1. For High performance organizations, hybrid requires flexibility—not rigidity
    2. On-site workers need flexibility too
    3. Success with truly flexible work requires planning and targeted effort
    4.  “Because the CEO said so” is not a sound reason to return to the office

    Breakout Exercise #1

    Come ready to share and discuss these questions in small groups:

    1. What resonates regarding the reasons why people are attracted to or leave your organization?
    2. How is the role and structure of learning teams being impacted and do we have to think differently?
    3. What more do you need from leadership around workplace flexibility?
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