Impactful Adaptive Learning
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  • Session Focus: Get Smart on Artificial Intelligence

    Are you looking to increase your tech-savviness? Do you lack a point of view on the use of AI in learning? Join us for a discussion of the use of AI for content recommendations (Netflix style) as compared to the use of AI for an adaptive learning experience.​

    “Technological progress has merely provided us with more efficient means for going backward” – Aldous Huxley

    This next practice allows us to customize the learning journey for each employee. Making the learning new skills process more self-service allows to learners obtain only the information they require without being overwhelmed.

     It’s our duty as learning leaders to leverage that information for continual progress.

    In this interactive roundtable, Judy Albers from Area9 Lyceum will share practical insights about an academic approach to learning grounded in years of research, enabling organizations to create a high-impact transformative learning experience that allows learners to achieve their full potential through a truly personalized experience.


    • Compared to traditional training:
      • It cuts training time in half
      • Creates higher proficiency
      • No one left behind
    • Eliminates boredom and frustration
    • Improves business outcomes
    • Uncovers and fixes unconscious incompetence
    • Retention and reinforcement


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