Hybrid Workplace Strategies: as Work is Changing
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  • Together we will define hybrid work for the purposes of this discussion and sharing information. We will look to learn from each other’s experiences in hybrid work and what we learned through the pivot about the ways in which we define and manage work. Additionally, we discuss best and next practices for sustaining hybrid work.

    Discussion we will explore together:

    ⭐ Do you think about work differently post-COVID?
    ⭐ What would we do differently if we had to shift again?
    ⭐ What leadership skills are a priority in a hybrid environment?
    ⭐ How are leadership tasks modified when you have a hybrid workforce?
    ⭐ How do you account for differences in work styles in your teams?
    ⭐ What day-to-day actions and habits are useful?
    ⭐ What trade-offs have you had to make? Seen?
    ⭐ How have your failures/false starts helped you develop your strategy?
    ⭐ What positive differences have you noticed? What surprised you?
    ⭐ What did you learn?

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