Hybrid Learning Strategies during Massive Change
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  • Session Focus: An ELE Member case study using a hybrid learning model: a live classroom and remote learners

    Recently, i4cp research uncovered in this era of continuous disruption, the goal is no longer to manage change but rather to manage amid change. As hybrid learning initiatives are becoming an important part of the company’s work culture, what challenges have you experienced in designing Hybrid Learning?

    We’ll use the word “Hybrid” to refer to the scenario when significant numbers of a target audience
    (people group of interest) include both co-located and remote audience segments.

    Hybrid Learning--a Third Dimension

    If done correctly, the biggest strength of the hybrid learning model is that it can provide an equal learning experience for both in-class and remote learners.

    Complexity vs Content Change

    While it is true that worker and learner location has always been a consideration, the sheer volume of people in different locations, connected by the web, grew so significantly that organizations have had to learn to adjust to this reality.

    When selecting a solution for a specific learning goal, consider two aspects:

    1. How complex is the learning goal?
    2. How rapidly does the content change?

    Content vs Complexity Change

    What we will explore together:
    • What about the challenge that most L&D teams are facing currently?
    • What challenges have you experienced in designing Hybrid Learning?
    • What is an appropriate solution given the complexity vs. content change you are delivering?


    The recent crisis is showcasing a variety of blended learning opportunities for the changing workplace.

    Content vs Complexity Definitions -- Select Learning Solution

    Suggested Pre-read: Hybrid Learning: a Third Dimension by Rich Busby (2021 October Chicago Exchange post-sharing handout)

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