How to Identify Employees that Need Reskilling
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  • Session Focus: Reskilling Strategies

    As the pandemic accelerates existing work-from-home, automation, and digital transformation trends, up to 25% more workers than were previously expected might need to switch occupations to prepare for the future of work. Many of us know the Importance of Reskilling Your Workforce including:

    • Fill skills gaps
    • Provide growth opportunities
    • Increase engagement
    • Foster creativity, productivity, and morale

    But before rolling out reskilling programs and initiatives, it’s necessary to know who needs them most and where to start.

    Around 1.4 million workers will need reskilling by 2026. 

    Let’s explore together tips on how to identify workers that need reskilling:
    • Find Go-getters Eager to Learn
    • Look for Employees With Stellar Time Management
    • Seek Among Workers Interested in Reskilling
    • Other tips you have found helpful

    Training Industry article: How to Identify Employees That Need Reskilling

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