How To Be a Consultative Learning Partner: Consultant Roles, Skills and Competencies
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  • Session Focus: Internal Consultant Role

    The role of the learning and development professional is being transformed from that of training design and delivery into that of a strategic business partner. As demands on and expectations of learning and development professionals change, they must continually develop new skills to add value to the organization by performing an internal consultancy role.

    ? This eight-part series explains the basic concepts and principles of the consulting process.

    As internal consultants, L&D professionals act as proactive advisors providing critical input into the organization’s strategic initiatives and become increasingly involved in implementing strategies. As L&D professionals take on these additional responsibilities, our role changes, and we can significantly impact the organization.

    1️⃣ First, we will introduce client engagement, readiness and capability, strategies to overcome resistance, data gathering and analysis techniques, making recommendations, and implementation.

    2️⃣ Next, we will focus on developing core consultancy competencies through performance, exercises, and knowledge gain.

    3️⃣ Finally, we will explore key considerations and skills required to build and maintain client relationships.

    During this series of eight one-hour interactive sessions, we will learn together.

    • Internal Consultant Role (Sessions 1 & 2)
    • Client Engagement
    • Resistance
    • Data Gathering & Diagnosis
    • Moving Forward
    • Key Considerations for Client Relationship
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