Global Coaching Strategies for Capability Building
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  • Session Focus: Case Study that dives deep into Coaching as a Capability Solution, Marketing, Measurement, and more.

    We all get stuck and need an experienced helping hand to make breakthroughs to keep learning.

    Don’t market coaching, market the impact

     Goodyear uses these coaching solutions to build capability:

    Global Coaching Strategies for Capability Building

    95% of coaching is done virtually

    1. 1:1 Coaching Over 700 leaders coached in the last five years: External platform/AI-based/Virtual
    2. Coaching program for Managers
    3. Team Coaching for decision velocity and innovative ideas
    4. Successor Development 1:1 coaching: Highly customized, in-person: Internal Coaches
    5. Group Coaching Circles on topics such as Building Resilience
    6. Peer coaching for D&I sustainability

    What we will explore together:

    • What are you doing in this area that is working for you?
    • What are the barriers you face, where you’re “stuck”?
    • If you could do anything, what would you recommend as your way forward?
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