Retooling Talent Development for the New Normal (COVID-19 #8)
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  • Session Focus: Creating a New L&D for the New Workplace
    Case Study: 4 Ps Exercise-A simple tool to think about how L&D needs to change (Source: Prosci change management methodology)

    Using a simple tool to think about how L&D needs to change helps us think through which specific business results I need to impact, what behaviors, tools, processes, etc. need to change, and who needs to change (ex. staff, stakeholders, etc.). After Teresa explores, 4 Ps Exercise, a simple technique used to tie changes that need to be made to business results, Nick & Tim will facilitate a robust discussion covering:

    1. How have expected business results at your organization changed since March 2020 and how have the impacted L&D?
    2. What are the business adjustments or governmental policy changes we foresee likely happening over the coming 6-12 months?
    3. How can we start thinking proactively on how L&D could respond to support these adjustments?

    If this is one of your first ELE Learning Circles for this cohort, at one of the early sessions Amy Wittig shared how her organization was creating strategies for (COVID-19) three troughs. They are How to respond, Return to Workplace & Embrace the New Normal.  We are now shifting our focus from how should we respond to be more proactive with reimagining L&D for the new normal.

    ELE’s Learning Circle will be ideating Retooling Talent Development for the New Normal. 

    ELE’s Idea Exchange: Collaborate your insights online with your peers here.


    Consider joining ELE’s Virtual cohort for Learning & HR Executives. A TEAM LEADERS Membership grants a year-long learning process through face-to-face collaboration and networking with other local heads of Learning & Talent Development, access to a robust archive of Virtual cohorts and exchanges via ELE Insights, and robust question & answer forum named the ELE Idea Exchange. Each senior leader is encouraged to bring a peer from their organization that contributes to, engages, or supports the Learning & Talent spectrum for their workplace.

    Our quarterly cohort exchanges are built around the following design elements:

    1. Sharing practical case studies aligned to business needs
    2. Identifying key issues and developing insights and solutions
    3. Canvassing learning industry trends applied at ELE members’ workplace

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