COVID-19 Learning Circle #4: How should L&D respond?
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  • Session Focus: Are there “Return to the Workplace” strategies in place?
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    Case study:
    Reynolds & i4cp

    During this highly interactive group discussion, we dive into i4cp’s research with Tom Stone and engage in a highly interactive discussion about “Returning to the Workplace” with Tim Treger on these following questions:

    Are there “Return to the Workplace” strategies in place?

    1. Do organizations have a team/task force focused on this? Who is involved?
    2. What safety measures are being considered?
    3. What are the biggest concerns employees have?
    4. How might L&D be involved (with communications, resources, or even some compliance training?)


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    Our quarterly cohort exchanges are built around the following design elements:

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    3. Canvassing learning industry trends applied at ELE members’ workplace

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    ELE produces this COVID-19 How should L&D respond? Learning Circle.

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