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  • Have you ever wanted to write a non-fiction book, yet did not know where to start? A book is the most condensed form of knowledge on the planet.

    Your accumulated expertise and points of view are valuable. Whether you are a corporate leader or an individual contributor, many want to learn from your ideas and experience. Most authors and aspiring authors know writing a book is hard. Yet, it’s not that difficult because millions of people participate in this creative endeavor every year. There are two factors that make writing a non-fiction book accessible and possible:

    ? Knowing your why
    ? Being disciplined about your process

    And a recent poll suggests the top two reasons people want to write a non-fiction book include:

    ✅ Legacy, making a difference
    ✅ Establish credibility

    If your desire is to write a book, sign up for the 3-part series or start with the first workshop, “Getting Started.”

    About the presenters and panelists: Melissa Wilson has helped hundreds of authors write and publish their non-fiction (and fiction) books. The other members of the panel, Marti Konstant, Nick Allen, Teri Hart, And Tracey Wik have published books and articles and can share the real-world experience of what it takes to author and publish a book.

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    This three-part workshop series will focus on the following areas:

    • Getting Started – February 2022
    • Making it Real – April 2022
    • Marketing – June 2022
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