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Idea ExchangeCategory: StrategyBenchmarking Hours & Cost for Learning: Salary & Hourly
Sara Lorenzo asked 2 weeks ago

Hello ELE!

I work in the railroad industry where we have about 1500 hourly maintenance employees and 350 salary employees.

We currently split “ownership” of learning/training where HR owns salary and our Maintenance Operations group owns hourly.

We are pitching to leadership that there should be one enterprise-wide L&D team to manage ALL training.

Leadership is asking for benchmarks! Google isn’t helping me.

Would you be so kind as to share what your companies do for the following?

✴ Salary Employees

✴ Hourly Employees

✴ Hours spent learning/training annually

✴ Dollars spent per year per employee on learning/training

✴ Of training offered, what percent is Required vs Optional

✴ Of training offered, what percent is on “leadership” and what percent is competency/skills-based

Many thanks!

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