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Marti KonstantMarti Konstant asked 10 months ago

The question:
If I only want speaker view to be visible on the final recording, can this happen if the organizer and I are co-hosts or do I also have to have the guests as co-hosts also? I am not as concerned with how the participants view this, as most know they can toggle between speaker and gallery view.

I am involved in an event with an organization that is not that evolved with zoom.

I just listened to Monday, June 29 Learning Circle on the Workplace Post-COVID-19, with the Gensler’s Return to Work Survey Results. Looks like you and Nick are the co-hosts and that none of the other participant images or squares with their names on it are getting in the way on the recording. Of course, as a participant, they may see all of the faces??? as this is a user setting (gallery or speaker view)
For instance, the only time someone was visible was when they made themselves live with audio and video.

Our presentation has the following requirements:

Slide deck
Organization lead – introduction
Me as presenter
Two guests that I will interview for 12 minutes each at different times during the presentation.
Speaker view only

I would like to be visible for all of the time after the organizer hands off the meeting with the slides.

Would like to bring on the guests as I interview them (12 minutes each) – At any given moment we would have me and one guest for Q & A

Do not want visibility of the rest of the participants on the recording we make available to everyone. Could be as many as 100

We will look at chat to facilitate the questions.

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