Idea ExchangeCategory: OperationsCOVID-19: How should L&D respond?
Charisse KosovaCharisse Kosova asked 1 year ago

It’s crazy times around here and everywhere, I’m sure. I would love to see if we could create a conversation around L&D specific topics in Coronavirus scenarios.

We are moving some of our workforces to remote, restricting external vendors, etc. as I’m sure many companies are doing. This would not be about HR responses generally, but more focused on how can we as L&D can support associates and the business in multiple ways such as:

  1. Sessions or other learning on working remotely: productivity; maintaining relationships; etc.
  2. Virtual office hours to help people understand their options regarding company policies, etc.
  3. Promoting this as a time to focus on learning that had perhaps been put aside and providing access
  4. Moving live training to virtual

Just curious about what others are doing and what types of solutions we can come up with together as we are all likely to face similar challenges.

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