Idea ExchangeCategory: Mentoring Emerging TalentProactive ways to equip future people managers?
Kim LudwigKim Ludwig asked 3 months ago

I am curious to understand how organizations are enabling leaders to proactively develop future [first-time] people managers, specifically individual contributor talent who aspire to evolve their career towards management.

The intent is to better equip this group of talent for leading people before they move into the manager position. The initial concept is an online curriculum blending external and internal content pertinent to managing people. While this is a solid foundation for self-study, there are a couple challenges: 1) how to incorporate/enable learning from others in the open enrollment program, 2) how to apply the learning in a timely fashion since manager positions do not become available everyday (while also managing expectations along the way!)

Note the budget is close to zero and ideally the development resources should be straightforward for leaders to implement within their team. Any and all ideas are welcome, thanks in advance! ~Kim

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