Idea ExchangeCategory: [ Idea Exchange ]What techniques are companies using to reduce ‘Zoom Fatigue’?
Sean CasavechiaSean Casavechia asked 4 weeks ago

Hi ELE Community!

I wanted to share the most recent research on ‘Zoom Fatigue’ that was just published by the University of Gothenburg and Stanford.

The study recommends the following action items organizations can take to reduce Zoom fatigue:

1️⃣ Implement no-video meeting days. Have a day each week that does not require any video meetings.

2️⃣ If video is not necessary for a meeting, make “video off” mandatory for that meeting. People should think hard about whether the video is necessary for a meeting, and if it is not, make video-off mandatory so that no one feels the pressure to keep it on.

3️⃣ Find out if your employees or colleagues are fatigued. Have your employees take the Stanford ZEF scale to measure their fatigue and find solutions to help reduce it.

What other techniques are companies using to reduce Zoom fatigue? 

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