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The Executive Learning Exchange (ELE) embraces learning together about practical strategies and next practices.

We find the best ways to develop talent by connecting, collaborating and contributing to stay relevant and in pace with the speed of today’s business climate.

Using purposeful collaboration frameworks, our members engage with community-sourced solutions that help increase the impact of their work culture goals.

By connecting with forward-thinking, cross-functional learning and talent development leaders, we co-create and curate best and next practices.

ELE is more than an annual conference. Our Contributing Members produce over 100 Insights and over 50 Face-to-Face in-person and live Events annually. Have a question and need help now, the Idea Exchange Q&A forum is a powerful resource.

Given time is precious for senior leaders and their teams, our invite-only community is not opened to vendors. Rather we selectively invite a few exclusive strategic partners to provide research-driven experience and insights.

As many lean organizations seek better ways to optimize limited budget dollars & experienced from knowledgeable experts, our membership model is based on current senior ELE members (Heads of Learning, Talent and HR functions) inviting colleagues in their networks. Typically invitations are extended to peers outside their organizations and direct reports/ members on their team.

“Your business and career will benefit if you strategically pursue the smartest of today’s ideas”5 Trends to Ride by Fortune March 2017.
ELE embraces two of these five trends for our invite-only cohorts:

• Join a Learning Circle—most of us absorb far more when seated in a circle of peers that are studying the same thing.
• Mix with the Best—surrounding yourself with great minds is critical if you want to raise your game.

Does this sound like you? See if you qualify.

ELE membership is not available to independent practitioners, consultants, students, or solution providers.

In 2016 we formally closed our vendor membership to focus on more robust experiences for heads of learning and talent development. A vital part of this shift is to invite a few solution industry thought leaders, who provide forward-thinking talent services, as ELE Strategic Partners to replace the closed vendor membership.

If you don’t have an ELE account and your manager does not have an Team Leader subscription, you need a referral code from an authorized Contributing  Member to join. Look for Active Influencers you are a trusted colleague and request an invite from them.

“ELE is unlike any other professional organization I’ve been involved with. It’s not focused on selling you vendor products or recycling outdated learning concepts. It’s dedicated to fostering collaboration between and sharing next practices amongst great learning leaders, which enables us to take learning and talent in our organizations from good to great.”

“We are all more effective with a network of resources behind us. ELE has given me, my team and our organization the benefit of experience and insights from great learning and development thought leaders in our city and from across the country. The Chief Learning Officer meetings and the annual conferences provide excellent opportunities to build relationships with peers across organizations, brainstorm together to tackle common problems and share resources and experiences. The ongoing events make it easy to stay connected and up to speed on the changes in our field.”

See more testimonials.

Many in our discipline recognize L&D need  new set of skills and capabilities.

“Our job is to understand what employees jobs are, learn about the latest tools and techniques to drive learning and performance, and then apply them to work in a modern, relevant, and cost-effective way.”  – Josh Bersin

Josh and others think corporate learning leaders require new set of skills, capabilities, and thought processes in HR and L&D. Your team now needs to focus on “experience design,” “design thinking,” the development of “employee journey maps,” and much more experimental, data-driven, solutions in the flow of work.

The following testimony sums up what many are saying:

“The depth and breadth of Executive Learning Exchange makes this relationship a no brainer. Whether you need help brain storming or solving a specific problem, the answer is in the network and has always come with a quick relevant response.” – Anna Manikas

We provide you with various modes for learning from others:

  • Browse online our insights where you can listen to audio and follow along with presentation slides;
  • Attend our events targeted to your peer-group: some are in-person, many are virtual;
  • Call on experts directly and leverage ELE Leadership to make connections fast;
  • Give back: present at or host an ELE event.

The Best Things I Have Learned, I Have Learned from Others.

If your manager already has an ELE Team Leader subscription, it’s best to have your work email address added.

If new to ELE, we recommend to join as an Individual Leader.

This subscription is the most cost-effective and includes unlimited virtual peer-collaboration. Questions, please contact us so we can check if your login id can be assigned to an existing paid memberships. Or you can create a new account here to access either our free or paid member-only resources–you can choose a membership level now and change it in the future.

Interested in a new ELE membership? 
For a richer, F2F experience, Heads of Learning, Talent and HR functions can be invited to get a seat at the table and opt’d in with ELE’s All Access Pass.

Considering ELE? 
Your annual investment, a few thousand dollars, is pooled together with others to:

  • Provide access to a deep bench of senior, experienced and season learning/talent development experts—many are locally accessible (free pool of resources);
  • Invite-only experiences (designed as efficient half-day or full-day programs);
  • Access to shared resources (using a managed budget pool, many times includes access to your peer-group resources);
  • Help with your specific ad-hoc requests (e.g., helping recruit peers who are studying the same thing, benchmarking, informal, research initiative, etc.);
  • Co-created deliverables by your peers–invite-only leaders.

Our most popular membership level to get your team engaged is ELE’s All Access Pass–the most  cost effective investment to join.

Does this sound of interest for your team?
See if you qualify.

You can view previous abstracts and agendas for our annual one-day conferences & exchanges by exploring online here.

Yes. This is our most popular membership level to engage a small L&D team is Team Leaders.

Check out ELE’s Infographic–Team Leaders Membership is the most cost-effective investment to join and provide teams up to six people to share the same membership. For larger teams, you can choose membership levels for a team with 12 or we can customize a larger group to support your enterprise. You can start small and upgrade or cancel your membership at any time.

Not a member: Review membership levels online here.

Current members: View options on My Membership.

Your ELE Profile integrates with our Newsletter subscriptions. When you update your Interests either on My Profile’s Interest tab or by clicking “update your preferences” in an email footer, we customize your ELE experience.

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