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Session Focus: Institutionalizing D&I behaviors to foster a more inclusive culture

What commitment does your organization have for DE&I (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion)?

The present (and future) reality of work requires organizations to rethink traditional ways for embedding DEI programs and tactics as we build inclusive leaders. The “how” is a different story. The “how” is more challenging, both in tactics and tools.

What does it mean to become a good ally for each other, our colleagues, and our community?

To help start the conversation, learn how each quarter, L&D is rolling out learning tools for each of the four habits to build a Company of Allies at CNA Insurance:

1️⃣ Exploring different perspectives (How to I Connect Differently?)
2️⃣ Diversifying your network
3️⃣ Practice Engaged Listening
4️⃣ Stand Up and Speak Up for others

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