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Session Focus: Career Agility for Learning Professionals: What’s In Your Future?

As the chameleon subject matter expert, you’ve mastered the art of learning so you can train others to do their work.  You do this so organizations can grow, stay current, and compete in a business environment of insistent change.

Whether you are learning professional in tech skills, power skills, or leadership, your knack for educating the workforce is central to business performance. Yet, have you ever wondered how your talents like learning leadership, design thinking, and the ability to connect with people can help you advance or pivot to new career roles?

Training helps individuals advance and get promoted. How does this happen for the L & D leader? Join us as we explore the future of the learning professional. We will discuss:

✅ How to advance in the learning organization beyond your current role
✅ How transferrable skills can help you pivot
✅ How career agility will help you rethink your career options for the future of work


Career Agility Model

ELE produces this – Future of Work Learning Circle.

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