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We are all born with an inexhaustible and undeniable potential to learn. The brain has 200 billion neurons linked to one another through hundreds of trillions of connections called synapses. Neuroscientists are discovering the mechanisms of the brain that underpin theories of neuroplasticity, the brain’s ability to modify, change, and adapt both structure and function in response to “experiences.”

Teri details in her new book how to harness the transcendent power of lifelong learning to sustain your career, be resilient in the face of change and reveal your greatest potential.

What we will explore together:

Based on cutting edge neuroscience and cognitive psychology, this book will debunk learning myths that hinder your ability to be a learner as well as provide you with:

⭐ Strategies to overcome the predominant barriers to learning.

⭐ Resources and ideas for integrating continual learning in your daily life.

⭐ Approaches for developing a life-long learning practice.

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