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Session Focus: Co-designing Hiring Manager Checklists, Tools & Mentoring Buddies Best Practices

It’s an unfortunate reality that numerous companies don’t have a well-organized onboarding plan for creating an amazing employee experience on day one.

The present (and future) reality of work requires organizations to rethink traditional ways of onboarding new employees.

🌟 To what degree have the goals for your onboarding program changed since the declaration of the pandemic? If they have changed, how have they changed? If not, how might they need to change in the new reality?

🌟 What changes have you had to make to the “how” of your onboarding program?

🌟 What challenges have you experienced in adapting the “how” of your program?

🌟 What tactic, tool or process have you implemented successfully?

The “what” of orientation likely will stay the same. For example, introducing employees to the Culture, Mission, Vision, and Values of the organization; sharing information about strategy, structure, goals, and initiatives; and acquainting the new employee to relationship-building resources and support available to help them be successful in their new role. The “how” is a different story. The “how” is more challenging, both in tactics and tools and in the impact on metrics such as new employee engagement

ELE’s Learning Circle will be ideating Retooling Talent Development for the New Normal.

  • How Do We in L&D Add Unexpected Value?
  • Why does it matter?
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