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To kick-off this discussion, we can continue Tim Gerrits case study on how AbbVie created an employee development juggernaut that defied the odds where events regularly sell out, employees take to social media to tweet about their own development and employee engagement scores have jumped. Almost two-thirds of global employees participate, close to 65% of senior leaders are involved in teaching, and almost all of the C-suite have actively and publicly participated. Learning solutions include webinars delivered by content experts, a 24-hour radio program, multiple in-person events, functional viewing parties, a TED event, and a go-to online portal with additional resources for development.

With an interactive roundtable discussion, we will explore together:

⭐ What new approaches can we use to initiate Scalable Learning Experiences to increased employee engagement?

⭐ How else are your L&D teams evolving to support the evolving learner?

⭐ Can you share a lesson learned about agility, focus, and letting go of ownership?

⭐ At a time when employees can go anywhere for their learning (and they do), how do you get them to go to the right places?

Learn new skills and explore talent development capabilities with this opportunity to Connect Contribute Collaborate & Impact with talent development leaders on Zoom.

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