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Session Focus: Embracing the diversity of workstyles and bringing equity to the core of teams.

Some companies worry that hybrid work options will result in a productivity decline. By embracing the diversity of work styles, leaders can build trust and embrace the purpose of equity. Inclusion comes when leaders invite everyone to participate in the standards to which we’ve all agreed to work in this new space. Join our discussion as we reverse engineer DEI and how your team can feel supported in the hybrid workspace of your organization.

Together, let’s explore:

  1. 🌟 Leaders are challenged to differentiate preferences in a way that is equitable and doesn’t get you in trouble for treating people differently. As leaders, what is the impact on equity and inclusion if we have a “sameness” approach because we believe we have to treat everyone the same?
  2. 🌟 If you are a people leader, how does your style differ from other people in your team, and what are strategies you can do to be more inclusive for those who differ?
  3. 🌟 As leaders or as an organization, how are you practicing tolerance of preference of workstyles (i.e. working parent vs single employee)?

If you would like to dig deeper into Embracing the diversity of workstyles and bringing equity to the core of teams, here are two resources:

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