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This session will focus on multiple hybrid trends:

Marti Konstant, Workplace Futurist, and author of Activate Your Agile Career will present a brief overview and facilitate the event/discussion.

🌟 Hybrid professional: The emergence of the hybrid employee and the many benefits to organizations.

Speaker: Sarabeth Berk, author of More Than My Title and leading expert on hybrid professionals.

🌟 Hybrid workspace: The hybrid workspace will include a combination of WFH and newly configured workspaces to meet the changing requirements.

Speaker: Christine Congdon, Director, Global Research Communications, Steelcase

🌟 Hybrid workstyles: Onsite, remote work, and hybrid approaches, and the changing policies will be discussed. Your office is wherever you work; remote or on location. In a coffee shop, a co-working space, your home office, or a corporate location.

Speaker: Lorrie Lykins, VP of Research, i4cp (Institute for Corporate Productivity)

Format: Overview, breakout, facilitated panel + Q & A

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