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Session Focus: Create cost-effective best practices to scale corporate coaching using technology.

Virtual coaching will continue to soar.

Let’s create a coaching toolbox by sharing best practices on how to make new virtual experiences just as engaging as in-person coaching sessions.

☑ Co-create a Checklist for Virtual Coaching: To get started, here is a one-page best-practice job aid, Coaching Virtually, Jesse James created for ELE.

As we find cost-effective means to scale corporate coaching using technology, it is important to remember that the human aspect must be retained to build deeper connections.

Virtual coaching was already growing steadily prior to the pandemic, but the restrictions on face-to-face meetings, travel, and social distancing requirements have meant that this is even more relevant to coaching operations than ever before.

In this session, we’ll use Zoom Breakouts for a fun interactive activity and small-group roundtable discussions about the keys to remote leadership development success.

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