by Kyle Swanson, Behati Hart, Dirk Tussing, Teresa Oliszewicz, Darren Boyce, Bud Bergie, Ruben Abarca

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Session Focus: How HR Leaders can take advantage of reinventing talent development now that COVID-19 has changed the workplace.

In this 90-minute Culture Shaping Learning Circle, ELE will facilitate a discussion around how Covid-19 has become the ultimate Work Culture Disruptor and how businesses can take advantage of reinventing themselves or restoring valuable practices.

🌟 Middle-Manager Mindset: Change can get tangled in this space quite often. How can we create a space for Middle-Manage to be a change champion?

🌟 Remote Engagement: Ideas for Collaborative Tools –where are the virtual whiteboards and sticky notes? How does your business leverage collaborative tools – for free and for a fee?

🌟 Work Backwards: Some companies begin or are at the “Y” stage. How do we encourage them to get back to “X”?

🌟 Permanent Shift: Return to workspaces or remaining remote will offer us another chance to do things unique and different. What will you tidy up, discard and what sparks joy that you will keep as a permanent practice (#MarieKondo).

This Learning Circle – Culture Shaping is produced by Executive Learning Exchange.

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