by Sean Casavechia, Angie Zeigler, Julian Malnak, Jennifer Olsen, Kent Barnett, Stacey Boyle, Teresa Oliszewicz

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Talent leaders commonly ask themselves, “Am I making an impact on the business?”. The US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) wants to know the answer to that question as well. Effective now, all US public companies are required to report the material value of their human capital. What does this mean for the L&D function?

What we will Explore Together:

Building data-driven talent strategies should include basics such as:

  • 🌟 What’s the ROI on the initiative?
  • 🌟 How are companies (L&D Dashboard / KPI’s) reporting today?
  • 🌟 How will L&D measure and report human capital value from now on?

We will discuss all of these critical questions during this session to clarify how to stay compliant with the SEC mandate.

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