by Azizeh Constantinescu, Stephen Sloan, Kevin Rillo, Wendi Barlow, Newt Moore, Dirk Tussing

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After Action Review (AAR) is a powerful tool for organizational and leadership development; during this session, our distinguished panelists will reflect on lessons we have learned over the last six-monthly ELE’s performance improvement sessions?

Discussion Points:

With thoughtful attention to the way our processes are constructed and some well-placed preventative and contingent measures, we’ll wrap up our six-month series as a roundtable discussion from a global perspective on:

  • 👉 People Performance | Process Management Skills Basics
  • 👉 Interrogate Reality | How do you get to the ground truth of an issue?
  • 👉 How to Conduct a Rapid Systems Analysis
  • 👉 Knowing the Current Situation | Modified SWOT Analysis
  • 👉 Rapidly Define Performance Improvement Solutions that are Low-effort and High-benefit
  • 👉 Achieve Sustainable Results | Define Leading Indicators and Behaviors
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