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Session Focus: Virtual Learning Trends to fuel the Future of Work

Did you know learners who take action during a training session retain 90% of the information?

Learners who don’t implement what they are learning retain 5% of the information. How do you get a bigger piece of mindshare from employees when it comes to the future of learning in the workplace?

The future of learning is experiential.

The pace of change is accelerated, virtual training will become more prevalent, and the need for upskilling are trends shaping the learning landscape.

Leaders who adapt to the experiential mandate for learning will arm their organizations with the best available talent on a continual basis.

Attend this session to learn:

      • ✅ The definition of experiential learning
      • ✅ Case study + demo of experiential learning methods
      • ✅ How to weave in engagement and activities in course design
      • ✅ How to augment your current learning systems with experience-based virtual learning methods.

We also want to hear from you during the session:

      • 1️⃣ How has training and upskilling evolved during the pandemic in your organizations?
      • 2️⃣ What technologies or partners have you collaborated with to evolve your training methods?
      • 3️⃣ What’s working? What’s not?
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