by Ann Manikas, Kyle Swanson, Brian Watkins

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Session Focus: What is the right balance for Hybrid Work Teams and all of the implications

In this session, we will dive deeper into how other organizations are starting to think about and plan for the future of work post-covid.

What we will explore together :
As we think about hybrid work teams and all of the implications — how do we prepare our executives, managers, and employees for the new normal?

According to the BCC, a recent survey showed that 55% of US workers want a mixture of home and office working. In the UK, employers expect the proportion of regular home workers to double, from 18% pre-pandemic to 37% post-pandemic. In China, employment expert Alicia Tung has predicted that in 10 years’ time, there will be a 60/40 split of onsite/remote work.

Ann Manikas
Ann Manikas Kyle Swanson Brian Watkins
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