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Global Learning Circle on Human-Centric Performance Improvement
Americas & EMEIA Series Overview Page
Asia-Pacific Series Overview Page

Session 3 Focus: A Shared Search for the Truth About Performance

This session will leverage a creative blend of performance technology tools to support the strategic needs of the organization. The innovative nature of this approach breathes new life into the ‘tried and true’ standards often used. We will also help you see opportunities to move from “Order Taker” to “Difference Maker.”

Some examples we have shaped performance improvement in organizations include:

  • Orchestrating a culture shift that is still talked about in leader circles
  • Create a robust organizational strategy in 4 hours
  • Quickly mitigate thinking and action paths of leaders to achieve a measurable PI outcome
  • Generate solid solutions within the organization that will sustain and promote a new healthy culture

Why is it some managers are so good at managing their teams and so good at managing individuals on their teams, yet productivity seems to lag below expectations? The likely suspect … failure to proactively manage work processes. Workplace productivity is the by-product of many factors. The two most important may be people and processes. We often shower managers with resources to build their people management skills yet provide little in the way of building their process management skills. This Helping Managers Improve Performance Learning Circle is about balancing the scales and treating the efficacy of work processes as the natural counterpart to excellent people management. With some thoughtful attention to the way our processes are constructed and some well-placed preventative and contingent measures, all of us, with the help of our teams, can thoughtfully manage processes and improve team performance.

During this series of six one-hour interactive performance improvement sessions, we will learn together Tools to Engage, Empower, and Improve Performance.

  1. People Performance | Process Management Skills Basics
  2. Interrogate Reality | How do you get to the ground truth of an issue?
  3. Conduct a Rapid Systems Analysis
  4. Knowing the Current Situation | Modified SWOT Analysis
  5. Rapidly Define Performance Improvement Solutions that are Low-effort and High-benefit
  6. Achieve Sustainable Results | Define Leading Indicators and Behaviors

This highly interactive series will give you an opportunity to Connect Share & Impact with talent development leaders on Zoom. To help support participants globally, each session in this series will be available twice.

ELE produces this Global Learning Circle: Helping Managers Improve Performance.

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