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The preview agenda will be updated frequently as more details are worked out. You can find the latest version online here

The purpose of writing a short session abstract provides participants an opportunity to get a sense of what you will cover and after the event is in our members-only area. If you are a session leader for this event, we appreciate it if you could submit a short, half-page abstract using the following guidelines by Oct 7th:

Roundtable Discussions:
Strategic Opportunity: A brief, 2-4 sentence, a summary of the strategic challenges learning & talent development on this topic
Discussion Points: 3-6 questions that panelists & participants can expect

20-minute TED-like presentations, Case Study or Mini-interactive Workshop:
Strategic Opportunity: A brief, 2-4 sentence, a summary of the strategic challenges of learning & talent development on this topic
Learning Solution: A description of your solution (approximately 90 words)
Tips for Measuring Impact: Insights to share

We have not finalized the room assignments and time slots. See the current assignments online here

As a BIG THANK YOU for your contribution. Everyone with a user account has an ELE Personal Portfolio Page on our platform. By contributing and help co-lead an ELE session, you are added to the Members directory.

We recommend you review your ELE Personal Page and update your ELE Profile.

Yes. We have a PPT template you can use or you can pick your own template.

NOTE: We recommend that slides use a dark background. These slide templates with dark backgrounds are provided in the templates above.  Too much white on slides make it hard to take pictures and videos of the presenters if they are standing in front of the screen.

Each concurrent breakout session has 45 minutes allocated. We recommend that you schedule 15 minutes for Q&A or group discussion during this time.

All rooms will have MP3 recorders for capturing the audio portion of your presentation for post-event sharing. We encourage all the speakers to repeat key questions from the audiences which provides better recordings for post-event sharing.

Each breakout room will have a video wall and an HDMI cable but presenters will need to bring their own laptop.

On the day of the event, please bring an electronic copy of your presentation on your laptop and email us a backup copy of your nearly final presentation material to Dirk Tussing at least 3 days before the event (Note: Let us know if you do not want us to share them with participants after the Exchange).

Copy services are not available onsite.

Each concurrent breakout session is 45 minutes. We recommend that you schedule at least 15 minutes for Q&A or group discussion during this time.

Each room will have a Video Wall (LCD projector), one flip chart, and MP3 recorder for capturing the audio portion of your presentation for post-conference sharing.

The smaller break-out rooms will not have a laptop supplied.

  • In The Mambo room, we will provide a laptop with MS-Office for PowerPoint presentations.
  • If you are presenting in a concurrent breakout, please bring your own laptop.

We all appreciate the wonderful world of paperless. However, it is a bit of a challenge to know what one “walked away with” when it’s all verbal. Presenters can bring 15-25 copies of a one-page printed handout that identifies key points. This is a great way to reference resources including hyperlinks to other content and other tangible takeaways.

Presenters who email Dirk Tussing electronic copies (either before or after the event) of any slides or handouts, can post the information as a PDF on Insights.

Yes. To help you better prepare for your presentation, you can monitor if your team and colleagues from other organizations have registered here

Note: after you log in, you will see your event promo code (to use pre-paid tickets), the Register Now button, and the current Registration List.

It’s helpful if you check the list to make sure your team is registered.

Payment is not required until after all of the pre-paid tickets are used for your Team-Membership.

We support two types of payments: 1) credit card during the registration check-out or 2) Invoice Me (pay at a later time).

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