Quick Answers for attending October 18, 2021 event

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Open to all ELE Team Memberships.

October 18, 2021, Annual ELE Chicago Exchange is included for all ELE Team Memberships.

The purpose of these FAQs is to provide a summary of the processes that have been established for everyone attending this event.

Vendor participation is limited to a few ELE Strategic Partners or invited by Dirk Tussing. Learning leaders from academia, non-profit, and government organizations are encouraged to join this peer-learning community.

All active Team-Leaders and their team members can register as part of your membership investment using pre-paid tickets.

If you are not currently an ELE Leader-Member, look at our updated membership options. Interested in attending? Contact Us regarding a referral code or look for the Ambassador badge on the Members directory to request one as a trusted colleague from a current member.

Note: The October 18 and 20th two-part event is for Team Members.

You can self-register for Upcoming Events after you have a LearningExecutive.com account.

If you already have an Individual subscription, Login, Goto Membership Options, and upgrade to a Leader-Member plan.

If you are not currently an ELE member, look at our expanded membership options here (Note: referral code required). If you have any questions, please contact us.

Yes. It’s easiest to self-register for ELE events. Make sure you log in (password reset is available if needed). From an Upcoming Events, open the event, scroll down, and click Register button.

You can cancel an event registration from the My Event Registrations page.  For the specific event to cancel, click the “Actions” ⚙ then the ❌ action.

Question? Please send an email to help@learningexecutive.com.

Yes, EVERYONE must pre-register for ELE events.

For Team-Members, you can Login and self-register on Upcoming Events. Look at the yellow post-it on the page for your Team’s event promo code. If pre-paid tickets are available, no credit card is needed.

Lite-Members should upgrade to the Leader plan on My Membership page. After your payment is received, we can confirm your registration.

New Members are required to have an ELE Referral Code to create their account. Please review Our Membership Plans, sign up early, and paying online with a credit card is encouraged. After your payment is received for upgrading, we will confirm your registration.

For your convenience:

✨ Address: 648 W. Randolph St., Chicago IL
Lodging close by Catalyst Ranch
Parking and Directions to Catalyst Ranch
Printable Directions – Download a PDF on how to get to The Ranch

Yes, If you are the ELE primary contact, as a Team-Leader Owner, you first need to create ELE access using ADD TEAM MEMBERS on you  My Membership page.  

  • Note: After you add a new Team Member (their work email is required), a user account with member-only ELE access is created, but requires them to confirm. They need to check their inbox/spam folder for an invite, follow the steps and click the confirmation link.

After each team member has an ELE account, they can self-register themselves. The auto-confirmation will include a calendar record with the specific event information for member access.

  • Note: Since the Exchange is an in-person event, we are using pre-paid tickets. Please extend invites to colleagues and set up ELE access using your Team Membership.

To cancel a team member’s registration, please send an email to help@learningexecutive.com.

For Leader-Members, PDF copies of presentation slides/handouts, audio or video recordings will be available as Insights (login required).  Slides are updated upon receipt from the Session Leaders. Recordings are posted within a week.

If you are a presenter, you can find recordings for all of your Insights on the Members directory.

Lite are ELE complimentary memberships and only provide limited access to ELE events and online resources (see Our Membership Plans).

To attend most ELE events, upgrade to a Team subscription to attend in-person events.

Make sure you log in (password reset is available if needed). Edit My Membership options and select Upgrade.

Questions? Contact Us.

Yes – #learningexecutive

You can view agenda, abstracts, photos and videos for previous annual full-day conferences & exchanges by exploring About-Annual Exchanges archives here.

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