by Kery Mortenson, Michael Grubich, Aimee Louw, Nick Allen, Alison Arkin, Bob Parsons, Richard Busby, Dirk Tussing, Teresa Oliszewicz

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Session Focus: After Action Review for Culture Shaping

After Action Review (AAR) is a powerful tool for organizational and leadership development. What lessons have we learned that will help us shape 2021’s culture. How vital is Psychological Safety when executing continuous improvement strategies? Due to the fast-paced Covid-19 pandemic that has created workplace change, please join us to connect, contribute, and learn together.

To help us get started, given the “hard reset” the pandemic has given us, how might we re-imagine our corporate culture that does not go back to what was, but rather a better approach? Think well-being, education, politics, publishing, transportation, etc.

We can share examples of visible and invisible culture.
During this interactive discussion, we can start planning for 2021.



Hindsight Insight Foresight (Source:

Conducting after-action reviews is a powerful tool for organizational and leadership development.

But what exactly is an after-action review? Simply put, it’s an organized process intended to capture operational lessons-learned in three main categories. First, what was supposed to happen? Second, what did happen? And third, what do we need to sustain or improve for future operations? While not incredibly complex, after-action reviews are more than just a post-game huddle or a narrative retelling of the operation. The intent of the action-action is to “operationalize” the key lessons from an event so that they can be intentionally applied to the next.

This Learning Circle – Culture Shaping is produced by Executive Learning Exchange.

Kery Mortenson
Kery Mortenson Michael Grubich Aimee Louw Nick Allen Alison Arkin Bob Parsons Richard Busby Dirk Tussing Teresa Oliszewicz
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