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Integrating existing L&D content directly into MS-Teams for seamless learning the flow of work.

What is learning in the flow of work?
‘Learning in the flow of work involves accessing, quickly and easily, an answer or a short piece of learning content while you’re working. Josh Bersin coined the phrase. Research shows that learning in the flow drives productivity, increases engagement with formal education, and improves knowledge retention.

As more of our internal teams are utilizing Microsoft Teams for collaboration, let’s explores how we can create virtual learning in MS Teams.

What we will explore together
We all have plenty of stand-alone learning content. Some are in our LMS; others are curated from external sources or acquired from 3rd-parties such as HRDQ Reproducible Training Library (RTL) and Corporate Training Materials (CTM).

In this session, we will showcase proof of concept on how to create learning solutions utilizing HRDQ-RTL Critical Thinking classroom content, and deliver it virtually utilizing MS Teams meeting functionality including chat, polling, whiteboard, and breakout rooms.

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