by Kim Ludwig, Marti Konstant, Newt Moore, Angie Zeigler, Michael Grubich, Marge Feely, Stephen Sloan, Jewel Johnson, Kristin Derwinski

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Session Focus: Roundtable on Human-Centric Leadership
Case study: Answering questions without answers

The human-centered era of leadership has arrived. In this ever-evolving era, managers are challenged to adapt – and often rewire – how they lead their team. Learn from the experience of fellow L&D practitioners as they share ways in which their organizations are fostering this leadership evolution.

We’ll focus a group discussion on the following:

  • When thinking of the human-centric approach in the workplace, share an essential leadership attribute that for you characterizes this shift from past to present.
  • Fast-forwarding to the global pandemic, many companies are experiencing an acceleration towards the “future of work”. With this being said, describe an unanticipated silver lining that has emerged in recent months.
  • The future of work also anticipated greater remote work. How has your organization enabled behaviors and/or actions by managers to enhance virtual collaboration?
  • Looking to the other side of the coin, what employee behaviors have shifted in parallel with the leadership behaviors?
  • Lastly, reveal some ways in which your organization is keeping a pulse on employees’ experience in the often continually remote workplace

ELE produces this – Future of Work Learning Circle.

If possible, please plan to log in a few minutes early to make sure you have the Zoom plug-in loaded on your computer, and your headset/mic is working correctly.

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