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Seasoned leaders always seem to know what to do, as if they’ve seen a problem a dozen times before. Fortunately, having decades of experience isn’t the only way to become adept at finding a winning solution regardless of what the future may hold. Scenario planning helps leaders build anticipatory thinking skills and expand their strategic planning practices, making way for better decision-making that can stand up to whatever the future may bring.

Learning Solution:
The Scenario Planning Workshop is designed to grow leaders’ strategic thinking capabilities by providing the tools, techniques, and behavior patterns that help leaders:

  • Create relevant scenarios based on plausible, relevant, and provocative futures and market information
  • Employ scenario planning practices to improve decision-making
  • Test today’s business decisions for robustness in standing up to future market conditions
  • Identify opportunities and risks across a range of potential market conditions
  • Analyze internal and external implications of scenarios and strategy

Tips for Measuring Impact:

  • Measure the participant’s perceived impact on their business outcomes and effectiveness in the job
  • Stay in touch and check on actual business results. It’s not uncommon for participants to report that they relied on these tools months, if not years, after the program
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