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This session will be an exploration of how L&D can support frontline leaders in creating a culture of continuous improvement in personal performance, team collaboration, and process. Working from home has fundamentally changed the nature of individual and teamwork and, therefore, performance in many organizations. Improved leadership models and methods and a culture of continuous innovation will be required to meet the engagement and productivity challenges.

Discussion Points:
We’ll focus our roundtable discussion on the following:

  • • What impacts of Work From Home (WFH)? What are workers and managers saying?
  • • How have the people, process, and systems elements of productivity shifted with remote work?
  • • What opportunities do you see in the new normal?
  • • What’s the new imperative for leaders?
  • • What is the role of L&D in supporting this moment of catalyzed change?
  • • How will we know we’ve successfully met this moment?
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