Customer Journey Mapping – Helping Managers Improve People Performance (VHH #9)

by Stephen Sloan, Dirk Tussing, Steve King, Jesse James, Kyle Swanson, Lavanya Thyagarajan, Lynn Miller, Azizeh Elias Constantinescu, Kery Mortenson, Karen Gelb, Steve Buergey, Julie O'Dwyer

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Customer Journey Mapping: Helping Managers Improve New Hire Orientation (NEO) People Performance using “Micro-Moments”

Customers who are not AWARE of a brand’s presence or the value of their products or services

Draw people to the brand who show interest in the brand’s products, services or information so they ENGAGE with brand

Customers who may have either a low or high level of trust with the brand and may be willing to invest money or time with the brand to solve for need.

Customers who have converted and had a good experience, to keep them loyal.

Stephen Sloan
Jesse James
Kery Mortenson
Dirk Tussing
Kyle Swanson
Steve King
Steve Buergey
Stephen Sloan
Lynn Miller
Julie O'Dwyer
Karen Gelb

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