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Session Focus: Addressing Organizational Capability Gap – Learning Agility, Empathy & Critical thinking
Case study:  Zurich’s 3-year learning strategy to instill Power Skills

Zurich is implementing a 3-year learning strategy to instill Power Skills which provide an organizational capability for foundational future of work skills. The framework they designed is repeatable and introduces each skill and its associated learning journey. Initially, the 2020 quarterly Power Skills focus will be:

      1.  Learning Agility,
      2.  Empathy,
      3.  Critical thinking.

ELE produces this Future of Work Learning Circle inspired by i4cp research on Automating Work: The Human/AI Intersection that uncovered The Three Gaps:

      1.  The Organizational Capability Gap
      2.  The Workforce Motivation Gap
      3.  The HR Readinss Gap
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