by Bala Swaminathan, Audrey Sullivan

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Session Focus: The Data-Driven Leader–KISS and Tell at Cigna
Case study: Cigna

Sometimes the best thing you can have in business is a big, fat KISS, as in, keep it simple, stupid. A popular phrase coined from a 1960 U.S. Navy project, the acronym has multiple iterations, but it’s meaning — don’t overcomplicate that which does not need complexity — could be a motto by which learning leaders operate.

That said, keeping things simple doesn’t mean there isn’t a lot going on behind the proverbial wizard’s curtain. Cigna’s overall learning mission has two prongs: a focus on capability building and that employees should learn with and from each other.

Karen Koocher first shared these strategies in a 2013 CLO Magazine article when she was recognized on the magazine cover as the featured story. Bala Swaminathan will give us a 2020 update and dig deeper into how Cigna is developing Data-Drive Leaders.

Essential Forwarding-thinking Skill: Big Data and Analytics

This invite-only collaborative aligns with the research Karen Kocher shared on Oct 17, 2019, Essential Behaviors & Skills Driving for 2019 and Beyond. By participating in this 90-minute, highly interactive virtual learning circle, HR and Talent Development Team Leaders can build essential new skills critical as our workplaces are evolving.

Nov2019AnalyticsThis 90-min virtual session is an invite-only collaborative in which each participant should plan to login using their webcam and computer microphone/speakers.

  • You and your team members can register below or send a quick email to Dirk Tussing so he can process your registration.
  • If possible, plan to log in a few minutes early to make sure you have the Zoom plug-in loaded on your computer, and your headset/mic is working correctly.

This Learning Circle, The Data-Driven Leader, is produced by Executive Learning Exchange.

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Bala Swaminathan
Bala Swaminathan
Audrey Sullivan
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