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We have heard that AI and robots are coming to take jobs away. Over several decades, automation has indeed impacted routine roles in the workplace. We can expect more changes, and we can affect how the future unfolds. At UL, we find value in human augmentation that propels a person’s performance, not replaces them.

By using Digital Coaches, Q&A Bots, back-office automation, Dynamic Work Redesign, and Lean Six Sigma principles, we feel people will have more time to do what people do best: create, problem-solve, and apply their rich domain knowledge.

What we will explore together

This presentation is for learning professionals who want to explore how they might leverage technologies to improve their workflows or help colleagues. We will provide several current user cases at UL, exploring what worked and what other challenges exist. Come learn with us.


ELE’s Idea Exchange: Collaborate your insights online with your peers here.


Consider joining ELE’s Virtual cohort for Learning & HR Executives. A TEAM LEADERS Membership grants a year-long learning process through face-to-face collaboration and networking with other local heads of Learning & Talent Development, access to a robust archive of Virtual cohorts and exchanges via ELE Insights, and robust question & answer forum named the ELE Idea Exchange. Each senior leader is encouraged to bring a peer from their organization that contributes to, engages, or supports the Learning & Talent spectrum for their workplace.

Our quarterly cohort exchanges are built around the following design elements:

  1. Sharing practical case studies aligned to business needs
  2. Identifying key issues and developing insights and solutions
  3. Canvassing learning industry trends applied at ELE members’ workplace

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