by Rob Cross, Dirk Tussing, Serena Huang

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Case study: Quantitative Research using Organizational Network Analysis 

Rob Cross, the leading thought leader on organizational network analysis, will share research and practical examples that go beyond standard “virtual team best practices” and look at the relational dynamics that lead to greater success in virtual teams.

With only 29% of organizations believing managers are effective at leading virtual teams, organizations and leaders are in need of new tools to better analyze connectivity and collaboration to improve agility, execution, and workforce performance.

This insight is an interactive discussion with Rob:

  1. How team success today is driven through rapidly forming networks inside and outside of groups. Based on a decade of quantitative research using organizational network analysis, Rob and his team have uncovered internal and external network drivers of performance. He will share these drivers along with practices identified from these highly successful leaders.
  2. The six patterns of collaborative dysfunction that have a negative impact on performance. In addition to success drivers, the work has also found six dysfunctional patterns of collaboration that groups drift into in 88 percent of the organizations studied. One of the six archetypes was identified as the primary source of failure in 36 percent of significant collaborative efforts and 24 percent of leadership failures.
  3. Driving agility through virtual teams. The session will conclude with the top practices associated with collaborative success in virtual teams.

This Virtual Cohort, Accelerating Virtual Team Agility & Effectiveness with Rob Cross, is produced by Executive Learning Exchange.

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